Restoration and Resilience Council


In December 2017, the largest wildfire in the recorded history of California burned through northwestern Ventura County, completely surrounding the city of Ojai, and destroying hundreds of homes and hundreds of thousands of acres of public land. In January a diverse group of citizens from the Ojai Valley, eager to help in the recovery effort, began meeting about once a month on Sunday at the public library.

The Green Coalition was asked to facilitate the ensuing discussions, which have featured local wildlife and watershed experts, members of the city council and environmental leaders, and dozens of concerned citizens and volunteers. The Coalition is supporting the R&R Council as one of its six main projects.

As spring approaches, the R&R Council’s conversation has been focused on innovative structure building and habitation for those displaced by the fire; on plans for Earth Day at Libbey Park, for the first time ever; and on providing support for those offering new land and water rehabilitation and conservation. See the R&R Council’s website.

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