STAFF, Save Our Water, Ojai! Campaign

Renee is leading the Save Our Water, Ojai! Campaign to promote drought resilient landscaping and rainwater catchment in the Ojai Valley.   Renee has been a leader in designing and implementing environmentally sustainable projects for over 10 years that protect resources of the Ventura River watershed. She is particularly adept at creating projects that bring people together to educate our community and strengthen our connection between natural spaces and the urban environment.

Renee has focused her skills and energy on helping residents create landscapes that thrive during the drought.  Renee has taught classes and developed developed resources to promote water efficient landscapes designed to capture rainwater, reuse Greywater and feature native plants.  She has designed and installed rainwater harvesting systems for schools and private citizens and led workshops on installation of  graywater systems.  Renee has led workshops with G3 –  Green Gardens Group and Surfrider’s Ocean Friendly Gardens to remove turf, collect rainwater, plant climate appropriate plants and manage runoff.

In addition to her practical hands on experience, Renee has a Certificate in Environmental Horticulture and a B.S. from the University of Oregon.