Michelle Ellison

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Michelle Ellison joined the Ojai Valley Green Coalition Board in January 2017. Ojai captured Michelle’s heart when she first visited many years ago while dating her husband Andrew, an Ojai native. She hoped someday to settle down here, and has been fortunate to call it home since 2012. Michelle and Andrew have two young children, Serena and Ethan.

Michelle’s involvement with the Ojai Valley Green Coalition is motivated by her desire to work together with the community on local solutions that can protect our shared environment. She believes that Ojai is uniquely positioned to become a model town for sustainable practices. The Valley, with all of its rich biodiversity and natural beauty, has a special draw for those who come here, and so environmental conservation needs to be an integral part of our ethos.

Combating climate change, the greatest existential threat of our time, is going to take commitment from everyone, everywhere. “We cannot abdicate all responsibility to national and international leadership, we must take personal responsibility within our homes and local communities, so that means each of us, right here in Ojai.”

Michelle is originally from Wisconsin. She credits her mother for having instilled a deep sense of awe and appreciation for nature throughout her childhood. Michelle received a B.A. in Political Science and International Studies from Northwestern University, and has over ten years of professional nonprofit development experience in sectors including consulting, healthcare, higher education, and the arts.