Ojai activist leader returnst to help coalition

Caryn Bosson, a former Board member of the Ojai Valley Green Coalition, the founder of the Ojai Youth Foundation, and a former executive at TreePeople in Los Angeles, has volunteered to help the Coalition’s leadership and Board formulate a new strategy for sustainability.
Bosson has lived in Ojai since the l990’s, and has been a monthly subscriber to the Coalition from the start. She thinks if we want to see a town that values and preserves its natural beauty and small-town democracy we need to have an organization working not only for sustainability in Ojai, but which can sustain itself.
“I really can’t imagine Ojai without the Green Coalition,” she said. “And I would really like to see it thrive, because I think Ojai needs this kind of organization in order to become the kind of community we want to see in our future.”
After talking with the Coalition Board of Directors, as well as with newly named executive director Tim Nafziger, Bosson signed a volunteer letter of agreement, offering to help guide the Coalition’s efforts to translate their new vision into reality.
With a great deal of revitalizing change in both the leadership and the Board in the last year, the Coalition has decided to hold a retreat at the end of September. From the retreat will come an agreed upon set of goals. Bosson — now a Senior Faculty member at Cal Lutheran – part of their Center for Non-Profit Leadership — said will help the Board find practical ways to connect to its membership and the community, and set goals to guide and measure the work we do for a sustainable life in Ojai.

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