Join us for Water Wise Landscaping Workshop on Saturday, September 30

Join us for a Water Wise Landscaping Workshop on Saturday, September 30, Yes that is this Saturday!
Would you like to use less water and still have an attractive landscape around your home? Would you like to lower your water bill? Plan to attend a free water wise landscaping workshop hosted by the Ventura River Water District, Casitas Municipal Water District and the Ojai Valley Green Coalition.
After you have planted climate appropriate plants, installed a weather intelligent irrigation controller, and tuned up the irrigation system around your trees, there is still more to do to optimize the use of water for the health of the plants and minimize water use. Come and hear from the experts how it is done!
Location: Oak View Community Park and Resource Center in Oak View at 555 Mahoney Ave, Oak View
Time:9:30 am to 12 pm on Saturday, September 30
What: We will provide an update on our water supplies, tips on ways to improve our drought resiliency by capturing rainwater, reusing greywater, and using climate appropriate plants and efficient irrigation.
Save 30-60 gallons per 1000 square feet each time you water!
Speakers: Bert Rapp on Water Supply, Laura Maher on Rainwater and Greywater management, Dave Williams on Irrigation Efficiency, Renee Roth on Sustainable Landscaping / Plants and Cinnamon McIntosh on common irrigation mistakes.
Attendance is free with a chance to win prizes, including: Water Wise Site Evaluation, Irrigation Audit, Water Wise plants and books. Class size is limited. Pleace call Ventura River Water District to reserve your seat at 646-3403
Thanks to the Ventura River Water District and Casitas Municipal Water District for sponsoring this event!
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Bert Rapp is the General Manager of the Ventura River Water District ( Bert is following closely and reporting on the local water situation, along with working with the Upper Ventura Groundwater Management Agency to develop a Groundwater Management Plan. Bert is encouraging all of his customers to use water wisely and not waste it.
Cinnamon McIntosh has worked for water districts in the field of water conservation for 16 years. As a Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor and Native Plant expert, she has assessed landscape water use efficiency at thousands of sites (homes, business, parks, schools, etc.) up and down California. Currently serving Casitas Municipal Water District, Cinnamon says she sees the same irrigation problems again and again and wants to help homeowners identify ways to be more efficient.
Laura Maher is a certified Water Harvesting Practitioner and a Greywater Action installer/educator. Simple, low-impact solutions are her specialty. As a Water Resource Field Specialist for Sierra Watershed Progressive and co-founder of Eco Action Co-op, she works together with other professionals to support watershed and ecological restoration.
Dave Williams has been in the irrigation industry for over a decade. He has helped with large scale commercial water management projects and has attained a Landscape Irrigation Auditors license with the Irrigation Association. He now is the project estimator for Scarlett’s Landscape, Inc. in Ventura.
Renee Roth headed up the Save Our Water Ojai! campaign of the Ojai Valley Green Coalition to help educate residents about Watershed Wise landscaping. With a background in environmental horticulture and landscape design, she promotes sustainable landscape designs to save water, capture rainwater and support healthy soils with the use of climate appropriate plants. She is a certified Irrigation Auditor with the EPA WaterSense program.