Kusa Seed Research Foundation looking for Seed Guardians

The Kusa Seed Research Foundation is Ojai’s own “heirloom seed” organization, keeping alive the ancient human valuation of the preciousness of untrammeled seeds. They are looking for help hosting these seeds.
Founded in Ojai in 1980, the Kusa Seed Society has built-up a deep collection of bio-diverse, highly nutritious edible seedcrops — endangered staple-food seed crops that can re-green the earth and deliver healing and re-greening energies to mind and body alike.
Seeds are nutritious packages of peace and abundance, their germination power can light the pathway to human balance and well-being.
To preserve its collection, the Kusa Seed organization stores the seeds in household-type chest freezers, each one about the size of a small common refrigerator. Each seed-storage freezer is like a botanic treasure chest.
Recently, an opportunity has arisen to help maintain these sleeping seeds on their journey.
A “Seed Guardian” is needed, someone who will volunteer a space to keep the seeds safe until the magic of soil, moisture, and sun can re-awaken them. This “Seed Guardian” opening can be filled by any member of the community willing to host one of Kusa Seed’s botanic “treasure chests.” What’s needed is a dry, secure, indoor space with electrical service available. A quiet corner in a church, school, office, shop, garage, or outbuilding will do fine.
Anyone in the community with hosting suggestions, ideas or questions should call the Kusa Seed organization at 805-646-0772 or e-mail: info@ancientcerealgrains.org

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