Greywater Education Webinar Series

April%2025%20GW%20Workshop%20Mulched%20Basin.jpgGreywater Education Webinar by
Greywater Action is hosting a three part webinar series for people who want to educate their communities about greywater.
The webinar will be held Wednesdays from 2-4pm on June 17th, June 24th, and July 1st.
Members are invited to view the webinar at the Resource Center sponsored by Renee Roth of Rainscape Designs

Who should attend:
•Water conservation staff
•Environmental health directors
•Inspectors and code officials
•Environmental organization staff
•Green committee leaders
•Irrigation store employees
About the Presentations

Part 1: Greywater 101 or Drought-Proof Your Landscape With Greywater. Wednesday, June 17th from 2-4pm.
This workshop includes the following information:
•Understand your water system
•What is greywater?
•Ways to reuse it
•Plant friendly soaps and products
•Common type of systems
•General costs and water saving potential
•Design considerations
Part 2: How to Design and Install a Laundry-to-Landscape Systems. Wednesday, June 24th from 2-4pm.
This workshop includes a presentation and hands-on practice installing a system. Content includes:
•Overview of the laundry-to-landscape system
•Plant friendly laundry detergents
•How to install the plumbing component for the L2L system
•How do design and install the irrigation component of the L2L system
•Costs and where to find materials
Part 3: How to Make Your Community Greywater Ready: Work with local agencies and irrigation stores. Wednesday, July 1st from 2-4pm.
This workshop includes the following information:
•Strategies for working with local irrigation stores to provide greywater system components
•Strategies for working with local building departments to streamline permitting requirements
•Strategies for building local experts and offering further local trainings