Rooftop Solar Matters

As the Sierra Club so eloquently put it: ‘… rooftop solar is safe and long lasting, with zero emissions and a low water footprint. No one ever had an asthma attack because of a solar panel, nor have we ever heard of a catastrophic solar-power spill threatening fish and wildlife.’

The Green Coalition believes there has never been a better time to add solar panels to your roof . In fact, the Green Coalition is so excited about rooftop solar solutions we’re sponsoring a third Solarize Ojai Valley program with the Community Environmental Council (CEC) and three solar vendors – reaching out to our members and the community to spread the good news. And we really do think it’s just a matter of “getting the word out,” because once homeowners find out how easy, affordable, and beneficial adding solar power is, there will be no stopping the rooftop revolution.

Thursday, June 4
6:00 to 7:30 p.m.
Chaparral Auditorium
414 E. Ojai Avenue, Ojai

Tuesday, June 30
6:00 to 7:30 p.m.
Oak View Park & Resource
555 Mahoney Ave., Oak View

Here’s why you owe it to yourself to come to a Solarize workshop:

  1. If you care about the environment, rooftop solar is as green as it gets. Every kilowatt hour of solar you generate either replaces electricity that might otherwise come from burning coal, or frees up some other form of energy so that it can replace electricity from burning coal.
  2. Solar has never been more affordable. The materials costs for solar rooftop installations have fallen dramatically. With the Solarize program discount on top of that and the 30% federal tax credit (available until December 31, 2016) for installing solar, the cost is brought down further for both purchased and leased systems.
  3. Solar-leasing programs, where you basically rent or purchase power from a system for 10 to 20 years, have made it possible for homeowners to put solar on their roofs for as little as $0 down and still save on their utility bills. You get all the environmental benefits as well as a locked-in electrical-utility rate that will protect you against soaring electricity rates in the years ahead.
  4. Rooftop solar also helps our local economy by providing work for the people who design and install the systems. A stronger economy based on good green jobs at home helps us all.

If you can’t make a workshop, go to for the simple, 5-minute application process. CEC will then contact you to discuss the process and expectations. Sign-up NOW! The program ends July 18, 2015.
In order to participate in Solarize Ojai Valley you must,
• Live in the Ojai Valley – which includes Ojai, Mira Monte, Meiners Oaks, Oak View and surrounding unincorporated areas;
• Own a home that is suitable for solar installation;
• Sign a contract with one of the pre-qualified installers between April 22 and July 18, 2015
The Solarize Ojai Valley program really does make going solar easier and more affordable for Ojai Valley homeowners. And on top of that CEC helps guide homeowners through the entire process as an unbiased expert resource with our installation companies strenuously vetted for you.