Good Exterior Lighting is Good Business

As our loyal readers know, the city of Ojai adopted an updated exterior light ordinance in August 2013, and the Coalition has been helping the city with outreach to residents. Recently, the focus has turned to businesses.

Part of the business community effort has been to develop a certificate program to recognize city businesses with good lighting practices that reduce light pollution and unsafe glare. Using artwork created especially for the certificate, the certificate – if displayed – will also help patrons of the business learn about light pollution and the community’s effort to preserve our ‘Dark Sky’. As our first recipients of a ‘Dark Sky’ certificate the city of Ojai and the Coalition are pleased to recognize:
Nutmeg’s Ojai House
The Hummingbird Inn
Azu [restaurant]
Capri Hotel
On Montgomery St., surrounded by residences and other shops, the Ojai House has outfitted its exterior lighting artfully. During the day the wall lights are large oak leaves made out of copper, and during the night the LED lights are shielded with the oak leaf scone. This radiates a soft light that is defused and shielded so no one is blinded while walking along the sidewalk or driving a car past the shop. Security, safety, and a ‘Dark Sky’ are achieved with these shielded lights.
The owner of Ojai House [and OVGC member], Meg Goodwin, has been thinking about lighting and has used LED lights for years. “They last forever”, she says. Meg wishes more shops would do away with the flood lights that became popular years ago. She also mentioned having a timer on her store lights so she is not disturbing the neighborhood long after she is closed.
If you know a city business with good exterior lighting practices, please let us know. The Coalition Resource Center has brochures and other resources on exterior lighting. Come visit us some time.