5th Annual Green Home & Building Tour ~ Saturday, October 26

On Saturday, October 26, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., the Coalition invites you to our 5th annual Green Home & Building Tour and Home Show. With this year’s theme Small is Beautiful, you will see a “Tiny House”, Sol%20Haus%20Design%20Tiny%20House.jpg visit a 400 sq. foot home that has been built almost entirely with recycled wood and steel, and another home with a 1084 sq. footprint that is all about water conservation and efficiency while creating a food forest. Along with the homes, learn about and tour an aquaponic system as part of a local permaculture farm, then drop in next-door at Ojai Olive Oil, also sustainably farmed with a permaculture approach.
That’s just the start of what lies in store for you at this year’s Green Home & Building Tour and Home Show.

View the start of a “Garbage Tower” inspired by the famous art “Garbage Wall” by Gordon Matta-Clark. The finished wall will be on full display two weeks later at the Ojai Art Festival. Other Green Tour attractions include a drawing for a $600 bike for kids who bring a parent; a showing of bikes powered by the sun, and several workshops.
Start your tour at The MOB Shop, 110 W. Ojai Avenue, where you can purchase your tickets and pick up your map to the self-guided Tour. While you’re there, browse the Green Home Show with products and design ideas for homeowners wanting to increase sustainable products and practices in the home and lessen utility bills.
The $10 Tour ticket also includes admittance to several workshops:
• Solar Power: It’s easy and affordable
• The Beauty of Downsizing- How to get Started
• Grey Water (no permit required),Water Harvesting and The Best Way to Grow Tomatoes
• LED Lighting: Nicer, More Affordable- Great ROI
Jay%20on%20bike%20with%20signs%20for%20home%20tour.jpg With a pit stop to re-hydrate at each location and a special ‘bike route’ option on our tour map, it’s a great idea to bike the tour again this year. If you don’t own a bike, or are planning a visit from out of town, no problem! The MOB Shop is offering a special discounted bike rental package to Green Tour ticket holders: $5 off the regular bike day rate and $10 off the electric bike day rate. To check rates, go to The MOB Shop rental page.
To reserve a bike to ensure that there is a rental waiting for you; please call (805) 272-8102. On the morning of the tour, simply show your tour brochure at the counter, mount your bike and you’ll be ready to roll the green way. Hey, it’s a great way to get out of our cars and see the beautiful valley of Ojai up close and personal while we learn how to improve our built environment.
Tour tickets are $10 for those over 18 years old (under 18 are free!) and can be picked up at the at The MOB Shop. Click here for more information, to download the flyer, or to purchase tickets in advance. We appreciate you helping us spread the word, too.