Next ‘Solarize Ojai Valley’ Workshop September 17

Solarize Ojai Valley is a three-month group purchasing program designed make going solar easier and more affordable for Ojai Valley homeowners. Solarize Ojai Valley will be available July 9 through October 9, 2013. During this time, homeowners in the Ojai Valley can purchase solar electricity at a set, discounted price.
If you have an interest in going solar, you are strongly encouraged to attend our last introductory workshop hosted by CEC and the Coalition. Participants will learn about energy efficiency, conservation, solar energy and the Solarize Ojai Valley program.
Tuesday, September 17 at the Ojai Grange Hall
381 Cruzero Street, Ojai – 7:00 to 8:30 p.m.
To apply for “Solarize Ojai” homeowners can go to for the simple 5-minute application process. Within 48 hours of application, CEC will contact applicants to discuss the process and expectations. Homeowners can also get more information on Facebook.

Some homeowners find the process of getting multiple bids from solar installers to be time-consuming and confusing. This program eliminates much of that hassle and legwork by locking in a set price for all participants and offering an objective third party assessment of the installer.
Solarize Ojai also includes leasing options so that homeowners can switch to solar with little to nothing down. Leases are great options for homeowners who do not have the ability to pay the upfront costs of rooftop panels. Anyone paying around $100 a month for electricity should look at a solar lease as a way to lower their bills immediately.
With CEC and the Coalition acting as liaisons between the installer and local residents, Solarize Ojai offers benefits to local residents by:
• reducing the costs of solar as community group-purchasing programs offer more
• affordable pricing than an individual purchases.
• simplifying the contractor selection process .
• ensuring quality installations and service.
• increasing the amount of renewable energy in Ventura County.
In order to participate, Solarize Ojai participants must:
• live within the service territory (Ojai Valley which includes Ojai, Mira Monte, Meiners Oaks, Oak View and surrounding unincorporated areas),
• own a home that is suitable for solar installation, and
• sign a contract with the pre-qualified installer between July 9 and October 9, 2013.
In addition to getting a discounted price for solar power, Solarize Ojai participants will be helping to support OVGC’s and CEC’s missions. Included in the purchase price is a small one-time fee ($0.20 per installed watt) that is based on the size of the solar installation and will be paid by California Solar Electric directly to OVGC and CEC. This fee will help both organizations continue to promote renewable energy and be self-sustaining, with no additional cost to the homeowner.