5th Annual E-WASTE Collection Event – January 12

The Coalition will once again hold an e-waste recycling event on Saturday, January 12, 2013, in the Ojai Community Bank’s parking lot, located at 402 W. Ojai Ave. from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., rain or shine.
The event is open to all Ojai Valley residents and businesses.
Download Event Flyer here
Download Ventura County HHW Calendar here
Download Ventura County Residential Recycling Guide here

E-Recycling of California will be accepting for recycling most types of electronics, including computers, monitors, and all accessories; TVs, radios, stereos and small appliances, such as toasters, microwaves and vacuum cleaners. The rule of thumb: if it has a cord and fits on a counter we can recycle it.
The Coalition will also be recycling household batteries (limit five pounds), ink and toner cartridges, CDs and DVDs with cases, cassette tapes with cases, iPods, cell phones, cameras and incandescent holiday lights. PLEASE NO LIGHT BULBS.
Thank you to our partners: Ojai Community Bank, Ojai Valley Directory, Gold Coast Recycling & Transfer, E-Recycling of California and PC Pros.
Do you expect to receive new electronics or small appliances as holiday gifts? It’s illegal to dispose of your old items in the trash or recycle barrel. These universal wastes, as they are called, contain toxic heavy metals that can leach into the ground, so we don’t want them in our landfills.
The Coalition also collects, CDs, DVDs, ink and toner cartridges, iPods and cell phones year round at its Resource Center located at 327 E. Ojai Ave. Call us at (805) 669-8445 for specific questions on recycling.

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