Creek Habitat Restoration

The Coalition, working under a C.R.E.W. grant, wrapped up its Libbey Park Ojai Creek restoration volunteer work days for the season collaborating with Ojai Trees. provided trees (under its dedication program) and the volunteers to help plant them. Thanks to the C.R.E.W., Ojai Trees and all that have contributed to this ongoing creek habitat … Continue reading Creek Habitat Restoration

Energizing Ojai

Typically summertime is the time when energy consumption starts to soar higher and higher. Factors such as increased air-conditioning loads, pool pumps having to run longer, and children who are on vacation from school mean using more power at home. In addition to this, all the extra water needed to keep plants alive in the … Continue reading Energizing Ojai

Dark Skies Initiative (Next Step, More Support Needed)

The Coalition has supported the diligent work of members Gail Topping and George Berg for over five years now to prevent the further increase of light pollution in our valley and hopefully reverse the trend. The full scope of our Dark Skies Initiative is to protect wildlife, cut energy waste and minimize light pollution. At … Continue reading Dark Skies Initiative (Next Step, More Support Needed)