Goodmaker Challenge

Vote by May 31 for OJAI and bring $2,000 to help Ojai begin a Net Zero Energy vision
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Overview of Idea
It’s a possible dream. The Ojai Valley can produce as much energy as we consume. With energy efficiency and renewable power we can make our community a “Net Zero” energy user. The Ojai Valley Green Coalition proposes reaching this goal by presenting affordable and realistic solutions to all members of the community.
The Specifics: What will the $2,000 fund?
With $2,000 the Ojai Energy Efficiency Initiative will be able to host even more presentations and hands on do-it-yourself workshops that enable energy consumers to better control power consumption. These efforts will help people to realize simple, affordable, and sometimes free ways to save energy through various conservation and efficiency retrofit programs and to learn how to take advantage of various financial methods to produce energy through clean renewable and local sources like solar, wind, and bio-energy. In partnership with our local utilities and energy efficiency programs we will provide a clear method and action plan to achieve our goal of a “Net Zero” Ojai with a common purpose to save energy, save money and save the planet.
Check out Ojai Energy Efficiency Initiative at

Please don’t delay and vote today! Challenge ends May 31. Thank you.

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