April 23 – Ecotourism Conference a Success! Next Steps Planning Meeting – April 23

The Ojai Forum on the New Economy II: Ecotourism on April 14 and 15 had over 50 attendees, including Ventura County Supervisor Steve Bennett and California Assemblyman Das Williams, who both gave their strong encouragement.
Attendees and panelists present enjoyed a wide ranging discussion exploring the opportunities, issues, and potential for ecotourism in Ojai as a way to move our community towards sustainability: environmentally, economically and socially.
• Environmentally: by both preserving our precious natural heritage – our clean air and water, our oak trees, open spaces, agriculture and habitat – and by creating a model green and sustainable community for others to visit and gain inspiration and education.
• Economically: by creating a stronger local economy with more and higher paid Ojai-based green jobs for all ages.
• And socially: by creating more resiliency, operating from principles that value community, relationships, equity, culture, service to others and our environment, inclusiveness, and our spiritual heritage.
The Ojai Valley Green Coalition is serving as the umbrella organization for this effort. We will be posting a summary and presentations from the conference soon. For information on the follow-up meeting planned for April 23 go to www.ojaiforum.com.

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