Smart Meters Update

Until July 9 you can now Opt-Out of receiving a Smart Meter. You must call 1-800-810-2369 (English) or 1-800-477-4455 (Spanish) and ask to be placed on the Opt-Out list, even if you already called and were placed on the Delay List. Residents who now have the Digital Meters can have them removed and replaced back with Analog Meters.
**Please note** Edison will bill you a one time charge of $75 and a monthly fee of $10 for this option.
The Coalition strongly supports educating ourselves and making an informed decision. Here are some sites from both sides of the fence that might help .
Learn More: Edison SmartConnect – Ventura District Overview
Other links:

See Earlier “Smart Meter” Article/Event from last year, for more details:
Oct 25th – What Is a Smart Meter? Come Join Us

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