Join Us for Ojai’s Own First Annual Community Seed Swap!

Spring is coming, and what better time to gather in the beautiful Ojai Valley to share seeds! All gardeners and farmers – both current and aspiring – are invited to join in the fun on Saturday, February 25, at 1:00 p.m. Bring your seeds, bring your stories, and bring your passion for growing food to the Chaparral Auditorium located at 414 E. Ojai Ave., Ojai.

Ojai’s First Annual Community Seed Swap will begin with a short talk by Justin Huhn, co-founder of All Good Things Organic Seeds – southern California’s bioregional seed company. Justin will share the basic “how-to’s” for beginner seed-savers and delve into the importance of seed saving to our community.
If you have a substantial offering of seeds to share and would like table space for your seeds, please arrive no later than 12:45. This event is hosted by All Good Things Organic Seeds and the Ojai Valley Green Coalition. We hope to see you February 25 at Chaparral. For more information, please contact Justin Huhn at 805-758-3184 or To learn more about All Good Things Organic Seeds go to
The tradition of sharing seeds is as old as agriculture itself. Seed is both our common cultural heritage and a living natural resource. In this modern age of the centralization of power and consolidation of our food supply, the simple act of saving seeds has become an important act of resistance and social empowerment. The responsibility is ours to preserve, steward, and share our bioregional genetic resources.
Bioregional resilience cannot exist without a local, sustainable agriculture. The resilience and longevity of any sustainable agricultural system relies on the stewardship of genetically-diverse, locally-adapted seeds. The time is NOW to come together and collectively protect that which sustains us all!

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