Mission Statement

The mission of the Ojai Valley Green Coalition is to advance a green, sustainable, and resilient Ojai Valley.

Values and Vision

The Ojai Valley Green Coalition will guide the Ojai Valley through education, advocacy, skill-building, service, wellness, and action by:

  • Expanding the use of alternative energy options.
  • Influencing the way buildings are designed, built, renovated, and operated.
  • Balancing and integrating people and living systems through a healthy sustainable watershed and environmentally conscious land use planning.
  • Promoting transportation options that reduce air pollution, traffic congestion, and reliance on petroleum as a primary fuel source.
  • Encouraging all residents and businesses to reduce, reuse, recycle, and compost and intelligently dispose of waste materials.
  • Developing greater valley-wide awareness of the environmental impact of our food choices.
  • Increasing awareness that through personal choice of healthier eco-friendly products we can reduce pollution, conserve resources, and positively affect our health.

Practices and Goals

To increase the Ojai Valley’s renewable energy resources, while decreasing fossil fuel inputs.
  • Renewables, Energy Efficiency and Appropriate Lighting - increase solar energy production in the Ojai Valley and explore other renewable power sources while supporting energy efficiency, energy conservation, and appropriate lighting in our homes, businesses and public areas.
  • Watershed Literacy and Water Security - save energy by increasing efficient use and conservation of water; promote the importance of preserving our watershed.
  • Local Food - advocate the growing, purchasing and preserving of local organic food to increase our food security and reduce our collective food miles.
  • Sustainable Transportation - make the Ojai Valley more walkable and bikeable, integrated with public transportation and EV (Electric Vehicle) infrastructure to reduce our collective fossil-fuel based car miles.