Get Involved!

Get involved. Make a donation. Join a council or committee. Come help the many of us who care about the Ojai Valley’s environmental future.

Make a Donation
Your donation will help us with many needs. Become a sustaining member or a supporting member and support our ongoing efforts. Or, in the spirit of recycling, we are always open to donated items. We’re also open to volunteered service. See our wish list below.

Your membership will help fund:

  • audiovisual equipment for community education series
  • facility rental fees for public forums and meetings
  • promotional materials and supplies for public forums and meetings
  • honoraria for speakers
  • software for website maintenance, project tracking, volunteer-base management
  • shipping recycled materials to facilities for processing
  • 501(c)(3) regulatory fees and other fiduciary responsibilities
  • funding specific projects, such as:
    • valley resource asset mapping
    • annual green home & building tour
    • educational series
    • ongoing creek riparian habitat restoration
    • complete street and alternative transportation planning
    • assisting the city and county in implementing projects and plans
    • community mini-grants program and more

We’re busy, and we need help!

Join a Council or Committee

You can focus your time and energy in a specific area. The Council or Committee Chair will contact you with meeting details and specifics about communications. You can always change your preferences. Please address any questions to

Go to the "Join Our Mailing List" box found in the right column ---> of our Web site pages, and sign up to be on our general volunteer list. The checkbox is: General VOLUNTEER Interest. You'll have a chance to support upcoming events and projects with your time and presence.