local goverment

Ventura County Green Initiative

Roadmap to a Sustainable Ojai

Advocacy 101 presentation by City of Ojai

press releases

Ojai Reads Panelists

Arundo Eradication

Battery Recycling

CPR for Your Landscape

Electronic Waste and Recycling

Energy Usage in the Ojai Valley

Recycling and Donating

building and construction

Green Building Institute

U.S. Green Building Council Central Coast Chapter

build it smart! - energy- and resource-efficient building practices & land use decisions - with a focus on Ventura County.

Developing Green Buildings - New Home Construction

Developing Green Buildings Checklist

Developing Green Buildings - Home Remodeling

Ventura County Regional Energy Alliance - the use of energy resources in the Ventura County region.

wasteless.org - Ventura County Environmental & Energy Resources Division

U.S. Green Building Council

International Institute for Bau-Biologie & Ecology

business and economics

World Business Council for Sustainable Development - The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) is a CEO-led, global association of some 200 companies dealing exclusively with business and sustainable development. Excellent resource for background documents and information

A Guide to Green Careers

Green Jobs Ready - Prepare and search for Environmental Jobs, Green Careers, Environmental Internships and Green Collar Jobs

Rocky Mountain Institute - abundance by design

Institute for Local Self-Reliance

Ethical Markets

GreenBiz.com - Daily News and Resources on Green Business, Sustainable Practices, Environmental Innovation

Slow Money Alliance

food & agriculture

Ecoeating Bookmark Presented by the Food and Agriculture Committee

Building a Sustainable Food System in Ventura County

Using Green Waste on Ventura County Farms


Electric Car Charging Stations in Ojai

Visit Bicycle City

Bicycle League

Bikes Belong

Peak Oil and a Regional Energy Summit by Kenley Neufeld

Government Fuel Economy

Greener Cars

environmental health

Toxins and Our Health

Current California Air Quality Measurements -- enter 93023 for Ojai

US EPA Air Quality

American Lung Association

Local Water Quality Report


California Urban Water Conservation Council

Water: Use It Wisely

Ventura Watershed

Ventura River Ecosystem


US Dept of Energy

American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy

Alliance to Save Energy

Community Environmental Council

Energy Bulletin

Project Laundry List

waste management

California Integrated Waste Management Board - promoting a Zero Waste California

California Resource Recovery Association


Garbage Reincarnation, Inc. - comprehensive recycling program

National Recycling Coalition

Ojai Valley Ewaste drop-off locations:

* PC Pros

* BitVision

* Goodwill Industries, 779 Ventura Ave., Oak View

Plastic Bag Recycling

Ventura County Reuse Resource


Add a "Go Green" message to your emails. Download a .pdf file HERE or download a smaller .jpg file HERE 2. Remind recipients to consider our resources before paper printing.

Chasing Green - Articles and discussions on environmental issues

Green Technology - Strategy and leadership for clean and sustainable communities

ICLEI- Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI) - ICLEI USA's mission is to build, serve, and drive a movement of local governments to advance deep reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and achieve tangible improvements in local sustainability.

Earth 911 - Go Green, Recycling, Reuse & Renewal, Eco News

No Impact Man - the relationship between quality of life and the consumption of our planetary resources

California Green Solutions - green and sustainable business trade media and seminars for California businesses

VC Cool - Ventura's community website for actions related to curbing global warming.

Greener Choices - products for a better planet

The Green Guide - green living tips, product reviews, environmental health news

Ojai Valley Defense Fund>A fund to defend the environmental quality of the Ojai Valley through legal action.

Poodwaddle Earth Clock - a pretty powerful set of numbers!

Transition Initiatives - Transition US is a nonprofit organization that provides inspiration, encouragement, support, networking, and training for Transition Initiatives across the United States.

stop junk mail and catalogs

41pounds.org - reclaim your mailbox

Catalog End! - cancel your unwanted catalogs, junk mail and phone directories

ProQuo - Stop Junk Mail and Protect Against Identity Theft for Free

Catalog Choice - Cancel your unwanted catalogs

other happening communities

Bridging The Gap - Connecting Environment, Economy, Community

StopWaste.org - Alameda County Waste Management Authority

City of Dubuque, Iowa

recycling websites for kids

DOC's Recycle Rex - Looking for fun recycling activities for a school group or your own children?

USEPA's Recycle City - a virtual tour of an imaginary town that has waste problems.

USEPA's Environmental Explorers' Club - kids can explore ways to reduce the amount of garbage they throw away.

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Environmental Education for Kids - kids can learn about recycling and composting.

Roscoe's Recycling Room - fun games, recycling facts, and educational activities.

TAPPI's World of Paper - a great site to learn about paper and papermaking.

Quest of the Ringleaders - a cyber adventure of the Ring Leader Recycling Program.

The Imagination Factory - great for teaching children creative ways to recycle by making art.