Ojai Film Festival FOCUS EARTH "Bringing It Home" Sunday, November 9

BIH%20hemp%20field%20with%20Laurels.jpg BRINGING IT HOME (52 minutes filmed in high definition)
Industrial hemp is a non-psychoactive plant, grown in 30 other countries, but prohibited in the United States. Legalization advocates say it could help American farmers, create jobs and replace thousands of harmful petrochemical and synthetic products.
BRINGING IT HOME explores the question "Why aren't we growing it here?" while discussing hemp's past, present and future with business owners using it for construction, textiles, nutrition, soaps and bio-plastics in America and abroad. 

Join us Sunday, November 09, 12:30 to 3:00 p.m. at The Ojai Art Center theater for the film screening followed by a conversation with the filmmaker, Linda Booker, and a panel of distinguished professionals and activists.
There will also be hemp product samples and displays on hand.

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Tickets are $10.00 each and available through the Ojai Film Festival website.
Entry is on a first come, first serve basis.
With only 120 seats, we recommend coming early.


Nutiva Nourish Foundation is the Generous Sponsor of our Film Presentation


Special Thank You to the Ojai Retreat for hosting Linda Booker, filmmaker


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About Our Panelists

We are honored to have gathered a distinguished group of individuals for the panel discussion following the film presentation.

Moderator: Steve Levine, Director of Cannabis Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps

Vote Hemp Director (2008 to current)
Hemp Industry Association President Emeritus (served as HIA President for 9 years)
HIA Director (served on the HIA Board of Directors for 14 years)
Santa Barbara Hemp Festival (1999-2007)
Produced and Hosted talk radio show "Hemp: Lifeline to the Future" (2000-2005)
Santa Barbara Hemp Company (1997-2002)

Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps
Vote Hemp

The Filmmaker, Linda Booker
Producer/Director Linda Booker is the founder of By the Brook Productions based in central North Carolina. Linda completed a Certificate in Documentary Arts from the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University in 2005.

Her first documentary "Love Lived on Death Row" featured a powerful story examining the intersection of domestic violence, restorative justice and the death penalty. “Bringing It Home” is the second feature documentary produced by Linda and co-directed with Blaire Johnson. It won the Jury Award at this year’s Wild & Scenic Environmental Film Festival and Best Environmental Film at Sedona International Film Festival.

“Bringing It Home” has been part of a national campaign to help educate consumers and lawmakers about hemp’s uses for healthy, sustainable products and the policy changes needed to bring this beneficial crop back to U.S. farmers.

By the Brook has also produced videos for numerous North Carolina non-profits, the City of Durham and Clean Jordan Lake on water quality protection issues.

By the Brook Productions

Beate Kirmse, Cylab Group LLC
Beate, a native of Germany, is the owner of TangerineKangaroo, an online business dedicated to promoting and selling eco-friendly and sustainable products with a focus on Hemp.

Along with building her ecommerce presence, Beate is pursuing LEED Green Associate certification. Her goal is to promote industrial hemp as a healthy and sustainable building material option. Beate and her husband, Bern Galvin, obtained the first permit in California to use hemp masonry for a home addition.

Beate graduated with a Masters equivalent degree in Business and Information Technology from University of Stuttgart, Germany and she holds a Certificate in Arts Administration from New York University.

Hempcrete Building Diary

John Roulac, Nutiva Founder and CEO
John founded Nutiva in 1999 to create a better food system that nourishes people, communities and our planet. As a vocal challenger of the industrial food system, he is a strong advocate for hemp agriculture, GMO labeling, organic farming and healthy food for all. Through his leadership, Nutiva has been named one of Inc. Magazine’s fastest-growing food companies in America for five consecutive years.

John is a keynote speaker on sustainability, trends in the organic food industry, purpose-driven companies and the impact of genetically engineered food. He has founded four nonprofit groups including GMO Inside and the Nutiva Nourish Foundation, which donates 1% of Nutiva’s sales to support sustainable agriculture and other environmental programs.

Nutiva Nourish Foundation

Lawrence Serbin, Hemp Traders Founder and CEO
In 1990, Lawrence was graduating college and wanted to start a business which would help make the world a better place. As a biology major, he had studied the properties of cannabis hemp. At that time there were no existing hemp companies and virtually no sources of hemp products.

While working a full time job, he began to volunteer his time at an organization called The Business Alliance for Commerce in Hemp (BACH). Within a year he became its national director. During his time as director, he familiarized himself with industrial hemp and was able to locate resources in other countries where it was still legal to grow. Lawrence decided hemp textiles offered the best opportunities for a business and stepped down as director of the organization in January 1993 to start Hemp Traders.

Today Hemp Traders is the largest supplier of hemp fiber products in the country with a mission to help the environment by bringing hemp back into the mainstream.

Hemp Traders