Salon Series VIII: Theme 'Dirt'

“A salon is a gathering of people under the roof of an inspiring host, held partly to amuse one another and partly to refine the taste and increase the knowledge of the participants through conversation.”

SALON VIII with the theme of "Dirt" will be Friday, October 16th, 7 to 9 p.m. at the Ojai Valley Green Coalition Resource Center – 206 N. Signal St., Suite S, in downtown Ojai.
Salon Series Sponsored by Nutiva Foundation

Dirt%20image.png Dirt, the Skin of the Earth.
In our final Salon of the year, we ask the question: What is dirt and what is our relationship with it? We walk on it, wash it off, rely on it for our food, fear it when it slides, use it in make-up, build homes with it, and as an insult to others.
We abuse it, poison it, disregard it, plow it, and let it blow away. In the end, we all return to it. How often do we stop and consider this, the skin of the earth and our most humble of resources?
In this Salon, we’ll discuss the role, seen or unseen, that dirt plays in our lives. So come and share with us – what’s the dirt on Dirt in your life?
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Ride to Ojai Day and Use Our Bike Valet!

It’s time again for Ojai Day on Saturday, October 17. The Ojai Valley Green Coalition’s free bike valet service will be on hand to help reduce the number of cars descending on the downtown area as people arrive for the festivities. The Coalition will set up a bike check service at Ojai Avenue and Ventura Street on the ‘Go Green’ block. In offering the service, the Coalition hopes to encourage attendees to benefit the environment by pedaling to the event, rather than driving.
The great block party known as Ojai Day attracts more local participants than any other event in the year. The valet bike parking service, now eight years running, works like a coat check for bicycles: bicycle riders will be issued a claim check for their bikes, and then the bikes will be guarded by Coalition members in a secure “bike corral.” This means that the bicycles—as well as accessories such as helmets—will be safe from damage or theft.

The Green Coalition is committed to encouraging more bicycle riding in Ojai. Each person who bicycles rather than drives to Ojai Day will have the satisfaction of knowing that he or she is reducing carbon emissions in the valley. Participants can also catch the Ojai Trolley for free rides to and from the Ojai Day celebration.

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