Food Council

First used in the early 20th century to describe the global flow of food, "foodshed" has recently been resurrected to discuss local food systems and efforts to create more sustainable ways of producing and consuming food.

A local or regional foodshed could be defined in a variety of ways. A simple 100-mile radius, for example, is often used in "eat local" campaigns. Workable, sustainable foodshed mappings tend to take into account time and ease of travel, density of population, where and how natural water sources travel, and the innate productivity of land.

So then, a sustainable community food system is a collaborative network within a foodshed that integrates sustainable food production, processing, distribution, consumption and waste management in order to enhance the environmental, economic and social health of a particular place. Farmers, consumers and the community partner to create a locally based, self-reliant food economy.

The Ojai Valley Green Coalition Food Council currently meets quarterly in the form of a “Recipe Swap and Tasting Social.”
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The Food Council also sends out a monthly “Food News” email with items of interest and area “foodie” events. You can sign up when you “Join Our Mailing List” on the website sidebar.