Ojai Earth Day Becomes Earth Week
April 15 through April 22

Change is coming to the popular Earth Day event at Oak Grove School. This year the Green Coalition is trying something new and different -- Earth Week.

What can you and the groups that you work with contribute to celebrating our home planet while taking actions for the protection and nurturing of our home? The Ojai Valley needs your help now more than ever.

Andy Gilman, who coordinates the Earth Day event for Oak Grove, explained that, “The school sees the evolution of Earth Day in Ojai towards Earth Week as a way to move as many events as possible back to downtown and LIbbey Bowl, where the big events in Ojai usually happen.”

The Ojai Valley Green Coalition is taking a step in this direction, but instead of an expensive one-day event in Libbey Park, we are beginning with a number of smaller events around Ojai throughout the week. With your support we will build towards making the celebration of our life-giving planet one of Ojai’s biggest, most enjoyable and memorable annual events. Having a large event downtown will take the participation and contributions of many people. Because we cannot plan one big event this year we are getting started towards something more practical, in hopes of building towards an Earth Week model going forward.
On Earth Day itself, the Green Coalition will hold an event at the Ojai Women’s Center near the Chaparral Auditorium. The Coalition wants to bring people together with activities like an Earth-Friendly Vehicle SHowdcase along with talks, workshops, and water-conservation table, and regenerative community agriculture demonstrations. We encourage as many earth-friendly.drivers and riders to show up as part of this new event.

We also encourage our friends and allies in Ojai to participate and consider sponsoring an event of your own as part of Earth Week. That event could be anywhere in our Valley.

Andy Gilman added that Oak Grtove hopes to book a featured presentation at the school with a prominent environmental leader in the county, but hasn’t any details he’s able to share yet. The talk would take place at Oak Grove on Saturday, April 22.

In addition to the School and the Coalition, past Earth Day events have been sponsored by Food for Thought and the Ojai Valley Land Conservancy. Each of these groups is finding new venues for celebrating our home planet by spreading the work around the Valley, which is part of the new plan to explore options for increasing participation in this celebration.

● Food for Thought will have events at school locations throughout the week including a “Produce Pop-Up” stand.
● The Ojai Valley Land Conservancy is planning a plant sale at the Ojai Meadows Preserve.

Creating Additional Events and Activities

Groups planning, or considering planning, an event in April as part of the celebration are encouraged to coordinate their effort with these four sponsors. By working with this core group to promote all of our activities together, we can show that Earth Week is important for our community. Activies could include other pop-ups, meadows cleanups, school assemblies across the Valley, open houses for non-profits, as well as anything suitable you may want to do.

How does this sound? What ideas would interest you, your friends and colleagues? How can you help this be a success?

Here is a quick summary of how we see all of this unfolding this year. We welcome input and engagement to help this happen and shape what we do as a community.

1. We have a series of events over an “Earth Week” put on by different organizations.
2. The core sponsors can be the coordinators and promoters for all of the activities, with comprehensive advertising listing all of the week’s events (imagine a full-page ad in the Ojai Valley News listing everything -- including a map).
3. Funding the promotion and outreach direct costs could be handled in several possible ways:

a. We will work to get a prominent funder to back a speaker’s fee.
b. If it really is a Valley-wide event we would seek donated advertising.
c. Each of our main sponsors and some of the participants can put up some part of the money for the advertising we have done in the past.
d. All of the groups and organizations involved would be called on to use their mailing lists and newsletters to support the effort.

4. Join us! Thank you. Please call: Russell Sydney, Executive Director of the Green Coalition at 805-652-1482, or you can reach out to Russell at main@sustainableclub.org by email.

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