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The Ventura River Watershed is 100% dependent upon local surface water and groundwater supplies - imported water is a VERY COSTLY option. Our local water independence is threatened by decreasing water availability caused by an extended drought, hotter and dryer weather patterns due to climate disruption, and limited options for increasing our supplies. The Ojai Valley has an average annual rainfall of 23 inches with the last four-year average (2011-2015) rainfall dropping to 10.5 inches. It is imperative that as a new way of life we wisely manage our water supply in years of scarcity AND abundance.

The SAVE OUR WATER, OJAI! Campaign’s “watershed approach” to water conservation and water efficiency technology for storm water management and regenerative landscapes is particularly relevant for urban settings. This holistic approach uses education programs and demonstration projects which can begin changing community perspectives on what constitutes beauty in our urban landscapes, while at the same time promoting water saving, reuse and rainwater collection into our landscapes, putting the focus on CPR©:

C - Conservation of water, energy, fertilizers, pesticides and habitat
P - Permeability of soil and surfaces to slow, spread and sink water
R - Retention of rainwater, elimination of dry water runoff and prevention of wet weather runoff.

The Coalition will collaborate with residents, public agencies, businesses and organizations in the Ojai Valley around basic water saving strategies, such as

• turf reduction/removal techniques
• landscape designs to capture and store rainwater and reduce runoff
• greywater reuse
• rain barrels, rain chains, and rain tanks
• climate appropriate plants and trees
• irrigation efficiency using hands-on workshops, classroom presentations and tours of demonstration sites in the Ojai community

In addition, we will,

• promote water conservation and efficiency rebates from all Ojai Valley eligible sources
• take advantage of the branding and many resources of the California “Save Our Water” initiative
• develop a comprehensive layperson resource guide

The Coalition is confident significant water savings can be achieved in the years to come as we join together to institutionalize a resilient and regenerative watershed and build a water secure future for the Ojai Valley. This effort is made possible with funding support from the City of Ojai and the Southern California Gas Company.

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