Moving Away From Fossil Fuel

The sooner we stop using fossil fuel the sooner we will slow the rate of climate change and gain the time we need to handle all its consequences such as droughts, rising sea levels, intense storms and changing food production conditions. This current drought is making it clear we need to take action NOW!

The Coalition is partnering once again with the Electric Vehicle Advocates of Ventura County to encourage the people in our valley to take action about their use of fossil fuel. Ojai is a perfect place for electric vehicles (EV), e-bikes and bicycles of all kinds.

We are very excited to be including a Ride and Drive portion for this year’s Earth Day. This is one of the best ways to help people choose owning an EV, drive a NEV or ride an electric bicycle. We are asking owners and volunteers to help create this opportunity as well as participating in the usual showcase part of the program. With lots of EV, NEV and electric bicycle owners to speak with, we could really inspire more people to stop using fossil fuel based transportation.

This Earth Day in Ojai also marks the start of the Coalition’s participation with the City of Ojai Complete Streets committee and infrastructure efforts in the Valley. The infrastructure would include EV charging stations (can you say Fast Charger!) and bicycle needs as well. With City of Ojai support, we are doing this to build community support for fossil fuel free transportation. Think a local EV drivers’ group, bicycle action groups, NEV drivers club and any similar community based working group.

The recent Ventura County Regional Energy Alliance report shows that fossil fuels used for vehicles are creating 53% the greenhouse gasses in Ventura County. Could this be why the “Godzilla” El Nino rain we were expecting is missing in action or the reason that the climate conditions used to predict weather are no longer working the way they did? The predictions are being eclipsed by climate disruption and it is taking a toll on our water supply and even our local food supply. Our local trees and wildlife are also suffering. So let’s work together to help our neighbors understand the need to make better transportation choices – creating less emissions leading to less greenhouse gasses.

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