April 2016

April 11, 2016

April e-News


* Ojai Earth Day 2016

* Thursday, April 7 Salon Theme is "Biophilia"

* Welcome Our Newest Director, Laurie Walters

* 7th Annual Green Living Tour and Home Show

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April 4, 2016

The Coalition Board Welcomes
Its Newest Director: Laurie Walters

Many of you already know Laurie Walters as the friendly faced “eco-librarian” at the OVGC Resource Center. We are pleased to announce she has joined the Coalition Board of Directors.

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Its Newest Director: Laurie Walters" »

Save Our Water, Ojai! Campaign

Visit Our Save Our Water, Ojai! Resource Page
The Ventura River Watershed is 100% dependent upon local surface water and groundwater supplies - imported water is a VERY COSTLY option. Our local water independence is threatened by decreasing water availability caused by an extended drought, hotter and dryer weather patterns due to climate disruption, and limited options for increasing our supplies. The Ojai Valley has an average annual rainfall of 23 inches with the last four-year average (2011-2015) rainfall dropping to 10.5 inches. It is imperative that as a new way of life we wisely manage our water supply in years of scarcity AND abundance.

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Moving Away From Fossil Fuel

The sooner we stop using fossil fuel the sooner we will slow the rate of climate change and gain the time we need to handle all its consequences such as droughts, rising sea levels, intense storms and changing food production conditions. This current drought is making it clear we need to take action NOW!

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Dr. Vandana Shiva Headlines
Ojai Earth Day Festival

Dr. Vandana Shiva will headline Ojai’s annual Earth Day Festival, on Saturday, April 23. She will speak at 2.30 p.m. and will be introduced by Rick Ridgeway.

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Ojai Earth Day Festival" »

Check this EPA site out!
Ojai and Ventura County's
environmental conditions ...

EPA My Environment: Ojai, CA

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