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Editor's Note: After three years of maintaining the Garden's funds as its fiscal sponsor, The Valley of the Moon Community Garden is becoming a full fledged program of the Coalition! Even if you don't have a plot, would you be interested in helping out with the garden land? We plan to spruce it up, hold workshops, promote pollinators, and lots more. Contact Deborah at (805) 669-8445 or drop her an email to join in.

Also, you can rent a garden plot for only $60 per year (read below). Contact Heather Mohan-Gibbons at 1smartgarden@gmail.com or 805-798-3504.

A few questions:

• Did you make a New Year’s resolution to eat better and exercise but find yourself still struggling to keep it?

• Do you live in a small space and want to grow your own food?

• Are you new to town and want to meet people with shared interests?

Well we have a good answer for you. Come join our community of people with a shared interest in growing our own healthy food. We celebrate diversity, foster land stewardship and value locally grown, organic food.

The Community Garden is located on a beautiful acre behind the Help of Ojai on the West Campus, with raised beds, a small orchard, and an official Monarch Butterfly Waystation created by Monarch Arc. Your $60 annual membership includes a 10’x4’ raised bed, mulch, compost, access to garden tools, and well water. There are larger plots available too. Excess food production can be donated to food pantries or supplement the Help of Ojai Senior food program. Plus it is a perfect place to sit under the oaks and take in the mountain view.

Getting back to our roots!

The first community gardens were started during WWI, when many agricultural laborers enlisted in the military. President Woodrow Wilson said, "Food will win the war." Then, during WWII, “victory gardens” produced 1/3 of the vegetables in the US! Michele Obama was the first since Eleanor Roosevelt to rebuild the “kitchen garden” in the White House. Community gardens are back, with about 18,000 across the country today.

Studies have shown that families who participate in a community gardens eat healthier, are more fit, and have lower stress levels. Children can learn life skills based on sustainability, compassion, being outdoors, and working with others in a physical and productive way. Growing your own food gives you a sense of pride and more options of what to eat than you would ever see in a store.

Have you ever tasted a cucamelon, the French Charentais cantaloupe, or a Rio Zape bean? Some of these heirloom, non-GMO, open-pollinated seeds have fantastic stories dating back for centuries. Plant some history! Plus, Ojai has our own seed company, All Good Things Organic Seeds, so you can buy local and plant local for the best success.

Heather, Garden Manager

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