Oct 25th - What Is a Smart Meter? Come Join Us!

Smart Meters Update - 3-5-2012

Southern California customers have the option to Delay the installation of their new meter until the CPUC determines what an Opt-Out provision will be for Southern California Edison customers. However, EACH CUSTOMER must register on the Delay list by calling 1-800-810-2369 (English) or 1-800-477-4455 (Spanish).

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Southern California Edison will be installing smart meters in the Ventura area beginning February 23. To find out what this means for you click on the “learn more” link.
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For our purposes, smart meters measure attributes of electricity as delivered to consumers and transmit that information (i.e., usage) digitally to the utility company. The meters also are designed to transmit real-time information to the consumer. As further explained by the California Council of Science and Technology, smart meters replace traditional analog meters and meter readers with an automated process that is expected to reduce operating costs for utilities, and potentially costs for customers through the ability to personally manage your home’s energy consumption. That said, individuals and organizations have raised concerns about the accuracy, privacy, cybersecurity, and health issues of the meters.

Smart meters are scheduled to be installed in the Ojai Valley in 2012. The Coalition encourages our members to educate themselves on the technology and spread the word.

Southern California Edison representatives and community members will be presenting on smart meters at the -- October 25th -- Ojai City Council meeting.

Ojai Council meets at 7:30pm in Council Chambers at City Hall (401 S. Ventura Street).

If, after the council meeting, it is apparent a public forum would be of value, the Coalition is prepared to organize and host one in early 2012.

Please mark your calendar for the -- October 25th -- meeting. The Coalition continues to research the technology and concerns while supporting awareness and education to make up your own mind.


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